Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eshaan laddu gopala bala krishna

Today my life time dream came true. I always dreamt about having a son and dressing him like Lord Krishna.
Preparation Stuff:  I was preparing for this since few days. With Eshaan I don’t have much time but did some shopping, I brought a pot and decorated it with kundan stones and gold ribbion. It took lot of time to do this because the gum was not sticking to the pot. But somehow I managed. I kept cotton in it and it looked exactly like butter. But for sure next year, I will this pot with the butter and make Eshaan to eat.
I brought the crown in I-party,It was big for Eshaan’s head but mamaya helped in tying the band to it. I taped Peacock feather to it. I tied yellow ribbon to the flute and red as a flower and stiched few bells(gajjalu) at the end. I ordered a chain for him, I made pearl braclets, Mom sent vaddanam, bhaaju bun, pearls etc from India.
Songs and backgrounds: I collected songs
-Muddhugare yashodha
-Mukundha mukundha
-Ve vela gopemmala
-Mora vinara
- jai janardhana
I wanted to put more songs but This was more.
For background, I searched all different sites and finally found myscarpnook and one more site which had backgrounds. I gave them to mamaya and gave him ideas how to do them. I did one and mamaya did few pictures on photoshop I loved them. Finally I prepared a video.
On the beautiful day: I was fasting whole day,I started dressing up Eshaan at 4:30 ish.
·         I made him to wear yellow dhothi(pattu peethambaram dhaari J),as soon as he wore that dhothi, nothing was required he already looked like lord chinni Krishna.
·         I kept him Mukut , (Shikipincha mouli),
·          I made him to wear pearl chain(Kousthubha Krishna),
·         Eshaan also wore, anklets(Muvva Gopaludu).
·         Eshaan looked more beautiful when he was holding flute in his hand(Venu Gopal).
·         When I kept the pot near him, he kept his hand in his mouth, he was like (Venna dhonga).
·         When he was sleeping on the leaf bedsheet, I saw vatapatra shaayi

He exactly looked like Lord Krishna. Instead of praying Lord, I was staring at Eshaan and found lord gopal bala Krishna in him.
Jai Shri Krishna. Namo Bhagavate vaasudevaya.

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